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Re: Memo From...(6 of 7)

(Part 6 of 7)

> without prejudice, 

A legal term found in any law dictionary.

> UCC 1-207, 

A reference to some part of the Uniform Commercial Code.
Terrorism can now consist of citing existing law. Great.

> pro se, 

Defending onesself now earns the classification of "terrorism."

> sui juris, 

Acting of one's own rightm possessing full social and civil
rights, not being under any civil disability or power of 
another or guardianship, having the capacity to manage one's
own affairs... is now "terrorism?"

Since we have to presume that she is not prepared to sacrifice
these legal terms for her own use we have to think that this
is a redefinition of what is politically correct for a citizen-
unit to write in his own legal documents.

> united states, 

United States? As a common noun? Trying to demonize that one
is a dangerous ploy for bureaucrats and politicians who are
themselves largely functionally illiterate. "Make a mistake
in capitalization or punctuation and GO TO JAIL!" God, wouldn't 
your 5th grade spinster teacher, Miss Anderson, have just 
LOVED that? "Johnny, fail this weekly quiz and you're going
to the slammer for a month! Beverly, you're going to get the
chair if you go down for the third time!"

> Black's law.

Oh dear! The common everyday law dictionary. Of course only
nincompoop resisters quote Black's. Real Lawyers (tm) cite
case law, not dictionaries, because they've been let in on
the Great Secret (tm) that "law comes from the bench." No 
wonder we're in such trouble! We've been electing the wrong
asswipes all this time! We've been electing legislators,
thinking they make the law, when we should have been electing
judges. Geez.

> Analysis and Trends
> These anti-government extremists and supporters are 
> convinced citizens are being systematically oppressed 
> by an illegal, totalitarian government. 

Maybe that's because it's true.

> They believe the time for traditional political reform 
> has passed, 

Traditional political reform seems to mean "no political
reform." At least that's what it has meant all through
MY lifetime.

> that their freedom will only be secured by resistance 
> to the law and attacks against the government in several 
> forms.

Sadly, there is probably a rapidly increasing number of
ordinary citizen-units coming to this conclusion. To
understand why, all one must do is watch the government.

> Members of these groups bond to one another and lose 
> contact with other people who hold different opinions.  

Nice try! We've been to college, have we? We've taken
Psych 101, have we? We fancy ourselves adept at Psychwar,
do we?

(continued in Part 7)