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Re: Memo From...(4 of 7)

(Part 4 of 7)

>*    Challenging judges in an effort to disqualify them on a
>     current case and to repeat their motions to disqualify 
>     these judges from hearing future cases by referencing 
>     the prior challenges.

Translation: "Doing the same kinds of things District Attorneys
and U.S. Attorneys do all the time, but in reverse. Not fair! 
Only we can use procedural tricks and traps because we are the 
only True Weasels!"

>*    Scheming to avoid paying state sales tax during a purchase
>     by declaring to be a non resident and then filing claims
>     with the state's risk management section if refused.

Translation: "There is some controversy over the definition of
'resident' and we will try to obfuscate by casting actions
taken by resisters as asinine attempts to deny the obvious."

>*    Disrupting  the  court  system  by  persuading  fellow  jail
>     inmates to defend themselves as Patriots, thus tying up more
>     of the courts and prosecutors time.

Translation: "Spreading their political ideas to other inmates
who then realize that they, too, may be political prisoners or
victims of unconstitutional and abusive actions taken by
officials. Having all these people wake up and begin asking
difficult questions and filing motions we can't brush under
the carpet all that easily is annoying our paid hit men and
taking up their time."

>*    Distributing the  extremist Citizens Handbook to 
>     foster jury nullification.

Translation: "Distributing completely factual and accurate
information about the powers of jurors to thwart our use of
bad laws."

>*    using the Internet to  promote  extremist  ideas  
>     such as "Assassination Politics" or predicting 
>     the date of death of a law enforcement officer or 
>     government official to win a cash price.

Translation: "Using the bad-awful-whipping-boy Internet to
promote the idea that public officials be held ultimately
accountable for their actions. Only one or two people of 
the 250 million or so in the U.S. actually suggested such
accountability but it's such a great scare tactic that we
are going to hold it up as an example of how evil any of
the other 249,999,998 are who resist total overnment in
any way."

>*    Filing bogus claims in small claims court.

Court TV (and its non-televised equivalents all over the
country) doesn't count, I suppose. The government filing
false claims against citizen-units for money they don't
actually owe doesn't count, I suppose.

>*    Requesting information from courts, government 
>     agencies, elected officials and businesses in 
>     the form of frivolous questions in an effort to 
>     consume employee's time.

Translation: "We are laying the groundwork to be able to pile
more charges on those we single out for suppression. Anyone
who is prosecuted for political reasons will, in the future,
also be prosecutable for ever having requested any information
of any court, government agency or elected official, just as
we now pile gratuitous 'mail fraud' and 'wire fraud' charges
onto most of the hapless victims of the criminal federal
just-us system. Or is that 'federal criminal justice system?' 
It's so darn hard to keep all these lies straight."

> Tell-tale signs of Patriot extremists can often be found 
> in their conversation or written documents. 

So can tell-tale signs of ass-wipe would-be tyrants, but 
that's another memo altogether.

(continued in Part 5)