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Re: Remailers and ecash

On Sun, 28 Sep 1997, Anonymous wrote:
> Nonsense.  Type 1 remailers offer a certain level of security.  It is
> suitable for many applications.  Type 1 remailers require a fairly
> determined attacker to thwart.  They would certainly keep you safe
> from the IRS, but maybe not the NSA.
> Even if you were running a child kidnapping ring and failing to report
> the income, you would be pretty safe using Type 1 remailers.  The NSA
> would never take the chance of revealing their capabilities just to
> save a few kids.

I disagree. The entire Type 1 networks can be trivially analyzed. It
doesn't require an NSA for this. A single person that understands mixes
and a few hackers to compromise some of the upstream, downstream servers,
not even the remailers themselves, could do it.

Type 1 remailers are fun toys. No more.

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