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Re: Memo From...(3 of 7)

(Part 3 of 7)

> Paper terrorism has grown from a trend to a full scale 
> tactic used upon businesses, private individuals, 
> government services and elected officials.

Translation: "There are signs the resistance is growing and
becoming widespread."

>Paper terrorism is designed to clog government services with
>meaningless requests which consume time and disrupt schedules.
>In the private sector paper terrorism is an attempt to extort
>money, goods or services. 

As if the other requests they would like to be handling are
not meaningless? Let's face it: Except as it provides them
job security, bureaucrats regard all requests of any kind
from citizen-units as meaningless, consumptive of time and
disruptive of schedules. Nor can a government that is
increasingly jailing its citizen-units and seizing their
property without just cause or due process make even a
thin claim to be concerned about "the private sector."

> Some examples of paper terrorism activities:
>*    Bogus liens  placed upon  personal  property  of  government
>     officials and private individuals.

Translation: "Last-ditch attempts to make officials accountable
for their tyrranical actions. When citizen-units have been
outrageously damaged by unaccountable officials they sometimes
resort to filing liens against those responsible."

>*    Frivolous lawsuits filed in state and federal courts against
>     businesses and government entices [sic].

Translation: "Lawsuits with which those in power disagree." 

If it doesn't muss their hair they could care less if you 
sue someone for serving you hot coffee that's advertized as 
hot coffee or sue the manufacturer of a machine that has 
passed through 30 years of ownership and maintenance of 
dozens of third parties just because you were stupid enough 
to put your fingers in the gears. But sue a bureaucrat for 
being stupid, arrogant, abusive, vindictive and destructive 
of your rights and watch out! That's FRIVOLOUS! Apparently 
it's also now "terrorism."

>*    Drafting and passing counterfeit bank checks and other
>     fraudulent negotiable instruments aimed at defrauding 
>     the financial community and businesses.

Translation: "Devising well-researched instruments such as 
Public Order Money Certificates, payable the very moment 
lawful money is put back into circulation." 

She would have us think that resisters are out there 
writing bad checks, something only the government is 
allowed to do with impunity.

>*    Common Law Courts that issue homemade subpoenas 
>     to citizens, businesses and government officials.

Homemade? That's cute. Various common law entities have been 
created by various folk in the last 10-15 years in desperate
attempts to put SOMETHING in place that would function
lawfully and constitutionally. A few of those have been on 
the fringe, and those are the only ones that will ever be
cited as examples, of course. Never mind that all the 
townships and other little political units all over the
country were formed pretty much the same way. "That was
THEN and this is NOW and WE ARE IN CHARGE!  SHUT UP and SIT 
DOWN!" Don't you love government as we head into the 21st
Century, the century which will see the final extinguishing
of the light of freedom if people don't get off their asses
and do something?

(continued in Part 4)