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Bulk E-Mailers!

Bulk E-Mail Is Here To Stay, If You Do It The Right Way!

If you have a business, or thinking about starting one, you 
shouldnít be without NetTunnel 1.0.  Itís an awesome extractor and
explosive bulk e-mailer in one.  Itís the most affordable, 
easiest and user friendly software program on the market.  Hands down!

Why wait for someone to knock on your door when you can knock on 
theirs.  Thereís NO better way to get your product or service before 
millions of eager buyers, instantly.
Hereís what you need to bulk e-mail, the right way...

Tool box includes:

*NetTunnel!  A powerful extractor and bulk e-mailer...$197.00

*25 million "Hot", deliverable e-mail addresses on disk...$187.00

*All the tips & tricks of bulk e-mailing...$25.00

*Unlimited, old fashion tech support...$95.00

Total cost is $504.00.  If you order before October 2, 1997,
all of the above is yours for only $347.00.  Thatís correct!!!  Only
$347.00.  If you order within the next 48 hours weíll deduct an 
additional $50.00.  Your complete bulk e-mail tool kit is yours 
for only $297.00.  Thatís if you order within the next 48 hours.   
Only $297.00.   
If you can find a better bulk e-mail bargain anywhere on the Internet, 
weíll give you every product and service we offer for free.  We mean it!
If you donít have time to do your own mass mailing, we can
do it for you.  Call TODAY for a price quote:  770.977.5363 
Please fill out form below and send check, cashiers check, money order 
or credit card information, to:
2100 Roswell Rd.
Ste. 200-C
Marietta, GA  30062

Form (print clearly):



City____________________________________ State______________

Zip Code____________________  Country_______________________

Telephone Number(s)_________________________________________

E-mail Address______________________________________________

Check one:

Check (  )    Cashiers Check (  )    Money Order (  )

Master Card (  )    Visa (  )    American Express (  ) 

Account Number ---------------____________________________________________

Expiration Date ______/_______

For next day U.S delivery, please include an additional $15.00.  
For all other orders, please allow seven (7) days for delivery.
For more information:
Call:  770.977.5363  
or E-mail:  [email protected]
We are in the process of developing the following:

*A submission wizard by mid November.  It will submit your 
  Web site to all search engines with the push of a button.

*NetTunnel 2.0 by late October.  If you like 1.0, youíre going to
  love 2.0.  We wonít have any competition when 2.0 is released!!!

*And other awesome tools to carry your business into the next 

Our goal is to give you every tool you need to be the "David" 
over your competition, and become the next Nike of online 
marketing and promoting.  We plan on "Just Doing It".

PS    Allow us to become your online coach and life-long business
        partner.  Remember, your investment is only $297.00
        if you order within the next 48 hours.

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