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Re: [NTSEC] pgp 5.0 back door


Michael Warfield <[email protected]> writes to Ray Arachelian or somebody:
>...  Phil Zimmerman is an absolute religous fanatic about backdoors!
>When ViaCrypt implimented a commercial escrow feature to give companies the
>ability to issues keys where they had a key escrow, he used that as a reason
>to break their contract.  He had a "no backdoor" clause in the ViaCrypt
>agreement for PGP.  After the US goverment tried to investigate Phil into
>bankruptcy for several years, I seriously doubt he would do ANYTHING
>to assist them except to assist them into a pit somewhere...

The PGP Web site in http://www.pgp.com/products/differences.cgi has a list
of differences between PGP 5.0 (personal PGP) and PGP 4.5.x (corporate
PGP).  The corporate one includes a feature that the private one doesn't
called "message recovery".  Given Phil's fanaticism outlined above, this
presumably isn't any way to get at the plaintext without the user's
knowledge or cooperation, but just what the heck IS it?  I can't find a
description of the feature on-line.  The manual itself is on-line in PDF,
which presumably answers this question for acrobat fans.  I see nothing
about "message recovery" in the hard-copy PGP 4.5 manual.

For the guy who's concerned about backdoors in PGP 5.0 -- there's no
reason to believe there are any.  There's source out there for you to
download, and you can browse it over and compile a copy for yourself.
I recommend buying a legal copy anyway, even if you are going to use
the one you compiled yourself, to encourage makers of strong crypto
for the masses -- if you're getting value, may as well pay for it
and feel good about yourself.

	Salvo Salasio
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