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InfoWar 24 / The Geigerburg Text


                       The True Story of the InterNet
                                  Part III


                  Final Frontier of the Digital Revolution

                     Behind the ElectroMagnetic Curtain

                        by TruthMonger <[email protected]>

Copyright 1997 Pearl Publishing

                          InfoWar Table of Contents

   * Lenin's Parrot
   * Circumstantial Truth


                               Lenin's Parrot

Dr. May pointed to the omelet that the orderly had placed in front of
Arnold. "This is your mind without drugs." he told his favorite patient.
The orderly took away the omelet and replaced it with a plate of scrambled
eggs. "This is your mind on drugs." Dr. May continued.
The orderly replaced the scrambled eggs with eggs 'over easy.' "This is your
mind being sodomized by New York City Police CypherPunks!"

The orderly grabbed Arnold and forced his mouth open, as Dr. May shoved the
eggs into it and forced them down his throat with a toilet plunger. Arnold
began gagging and choking, struggling to free himself, as the eggs hatched
and turned into chickens, filling his mouth, throat and stomach with

"Good morning, Arnold." Melissa pulled his head out of the pillow and began
cleaning the feathers out of his mouth.
"It looks like you're having another fit. Have you been doubling up on your
medication again?"

Arnold stared blankly at the woman who was sitting on the edge of his bed,
wiping his face clean from the combination of slobber and chicken feathers
that made him look like an unholy mess.
"Doctor Melissa!" Arnold shouted with joy. He couldn't remember where he
knew her from, but he knew she was a good person-she was his friend.

Melissa helped Arnold out of bed, straightening his pajamas with great
concern for his appearance, knowing it would help him to retain his dignity.
"You don't really remember who I am, do you Arnold." Doctor Melissa said,
softly, eyeing him with great concern.

"No." Arnold replied, truthfully.

"Well," said Melissa, a widening smile breaking across her face, "do you
remember Boot War III?"
She kicked him in the groin as she shouted the words, sending Arnold falling
to the floor, clutching at his private parts, which were in immense pain.

Dr. Young entered the patient's room, smiling at Arnold's predicament. He
turned to his fellow physician with a smile.
"Good morning, Dr. Schultz. I see that you have welcomed Arnold back to our
little family."

Bending over to speak to the fallen Arnold, Dr. John Young spoke sternly to
him, saying, "You know that you can't stay away from the 'Home For the
Criminally Insane' for longer than your weekend pass permits. We have rules
here, Arnold. This is not an anarchy, you know. This is a government

Dr. Young turned and left the room, motioning for Doctor Melissa to follow

Arnold was beginning to remember Doctor Melissa, and how she was working at
Nuthouse Number Nine, and then ran away with Bubba d'Shauneaux to join the
Circle of Eunuchs, and now she was back here, kicking him.
"You're a double agent!" Arnold said, bitterly disappointed and feeling

"Triple agent." Melissa whispered, slipping him his aluminum foil hat on her
way out of the room. She locked the door behind her.

? the Lunatic had laid out all of the evidence he had gathered concerning
the Circle of Eunuchs' subtle presence that wound a long and scattered trail
throughout the media industry of the late 1990's.
He found it hard to believe that The Real Guy expected him to go along with
the plan to use evidence of the Magic Circle's influence on the mainstream
media as 'proof' that there was no grand conspiracy by secret agencies to
thwart the efforts of wild-eyed conspiracy theorists to shed light on the
dark undercurrents that run throughout society and government, at every

? the Lunatic knew that he could provide a mountain of circumstantial
evidence that would provide an outline of the visage of the Magic Circle
which shone through the dark veil that the Evil One and his minions had
thrown over reality through their manipulation of the mainstream media. But
'circumstantial evidence' only served as 'proof' for those who already
This was as true for Mike Tyson as it was for O.J. Simpson, as it was for
Marv Albert.

And for the Circle of Eunuchs, as well…

? the Lunatic laughed like the psychotic maniac he truly was. He enjoyed
being a madman. It gave one the freedom to let one's mind wander into the
realm of forbidden thought, without guilt and without blame.
"I'm a fucking lunatic!" he shouted to the electronic monitors on the
ceiling above him. He knew 'they' were watching him. He knew that 'they'
would only allow him to divulge those things that they approved of to the
mass of humanity being imprisoned outside of the walls of the "Home for the
Criminally Insane," where they could be controlled and manipulated by
threatening them with the loss of their physical freedom.

"The fools!" he shouted at the ever-present 'they' whose physicality lay at
the end of the chain of electrons which they could use to spy on his body,
but not on his mind.
"They will call me 'mad' for telling them the truth, and you will call them
'fools' for hearing the truth and thinking it to be madness."

"You use me, I know." ? the Lunatic whispered into the hidden instruments
which were an open secret in the facility.
"I wear the hat of madness," he said, tipping his aluminum hat to his covert
companions, "and I dance the dance of the fool, for your amusement." he did
a pirouette which turned into a curtsey as he reached behind his back and
brought forth a bottle of "Bubba's Private Reserve" and a shotglass.

"But I have my moments…" ? the Lunatic said, with a sly wink, knowing that
the watchers would be launching into a scurry of activity to consult their
superiors about his possession of a forbidden substance.

? the Lunatic sat down in front of his keyboard, prepared to reveal all to
those who had ears to hear, and eyes to see.
He knew that he would be allowed his forbidden libation, just as he would be
allowed his forbidden thoughts-for his captors needed the words of truth he
would speak to serve as a threat to those who feared the freedom of
imprisonment in the 'Home For the Criminally Insane.' His captors feared
that if the masses did not hear the truth first, from a madman, that they
might hear it from the Saints, from the voices of reason who were hiding on
the outside, in the midst of the madness storming the land.

On the far side of the rubber walls around him, ? the Lunatic knew that
there existed a world in which Lenin's Parrot echoed the dangerous thoughts
of the "People's Czar" in the music that he used to whisper forbidden
socialist secrets to the children of the masses.
But, within the boundaries of free thought where the words of truth bounced
back to the ears of those who spoke them, Lennon's Parrot was a dirty bird
who spoke the forbidden words that made their owner a threat to National
Security and a target for surreptitious eyes and ears.

"No matter how many times you throw me into the rubber room," ? the Lunatic
spoke to his hidden captors, "I will always bounce back."

He laughed maniacally and began to type rapidly, as if his very life
depended upon completing the mission he had been assigned by forces beyond
his reach, pleading with him to use his madness as a protective cover to
spread the truth across the face of the earth, as the seeds of a madman who
cared not whether they fell on barren or fertile soil, but only that they
were spread far and wide, so that they might take root in the places where
there were cracks and crevices in the wall of evil that had been built
around the minds of mankind..

                            Circumstantial Truth

"You didn't believe A Player To Be Named Later, did you?" ? the Lunatic
said, as he typed, 'af;jdafkjeqruerjfurq2r09r9uriejroiureur…'

He would continue to type utter nonsense for hour after hour, as his
monitors became dazed and confused, little understanding that his speech was
for those who monitored him from a century in the future, capturing his
thoughts and opinions in order to better understand the details of the
history of the Magic Circle which lay at the foundation of their hope for a
future in which their minds would find freedom and their bodies would live
in liberty, beyond the tight grasp of the Evil One and the Dark Forces who
strove to enslave them.

"You can see through the deceptive trickery of his claims of precognition in
releasing information in Part III of 'The True Story of the InterNet' which
would later be confirmed by independent sources…can't you?"
? the Lunatic was speaking directly to the skeptics who he knew would be
wracking their brains in order to find new ways to dismiss the growing
mountain of evidence that the Magic Circle not only existed, but that it
existed in every segment of society, leaving clues as to its existence
laying in plain sight, but shrouded in parables and in allegory.

"Presidents and Computer Gods don't involve themselves in the ranting of
lunatics writing subversive manuscripts for secret societies claiming to be
fighting for freedom from the Dark Forces existing as an undercurrent
throughout the world of impersonal technology. Every one knows that…"

"It's a game. It's nothing but a game. The LMBoyd sampler must have been
sent out before chapter 20 of 'InfoWar' was submitted to the CypherPunks
mailing list. And if it wasn't…well, then whoever authored it must know
somebody on the inside of the LMBoyd web site…someone who is working in
collusion with him.
"It's the rational explanation."

? the Lunatic smiled diabolically as he continued typing madly and speaking

"The rational explanation…" he continued. "The rational explanation for the
thinly veiled references to the Author throughout the entertainment media
must be 'coincidence' and 'collusion.' It cannot be otherwise."

"The references to him on Miami Vice could be the result of the Armadillo
World Headquarters employee who went on to become their casting director.
Likewise with the figure named C.J. Parker on Baywatch.
"Parker is a common name," he continued, as if trying to convince himself,
"and that would explain the characters named Parker in the X-Files, or was
it Millennium…or was it both?" ? the Lunatic would leave this as an exercise
for the reader, as the CypherPunks were so quick to say when challenging
those reading their mailing list to learn to think and reason for

"What about 'JAG'?" he asked himself, in a conspiratorial whisper, his mind
sinking deeper and deeper into the dark waters of an ocean of paranoia which
was capable of swallowing up the strongest of deep-thought divers who
explored the underwater caverns of the subconscious mind.
"Surely it couldn't be a Circle of Eunuchs project aimed at subliminally
confirming the Author's claims of the existence of a secret arm of Navy
intelligence which was working behind the scenes with groups such as the
Circle of Eunuchs and the CypherPunks in order to defend the Constitution,
and freedom itself, from the plans of a secret government to use the secret
forces of the CIA and NSA to implement a New World Order in America and the
rest of the free world."

"No," ? the Lunatic continued, sarcastically, "it has to be just a
coincidence that the lead actor is a Canadian, that the lead actress is
named 'Bell,' that the Circle of Eunuchs' Bubba d'ShaunEAUX was connected to
a comedy writer, Patrick LabyortEAUX, who worked with a Canadian confidante
of the Author in 'Little House on the Prairie' and whose character in JAG
bore the initials BR, as in Bubba Rom Dos. And, of course, the Admiral in
the TV series was chosen without any regard for his relationship to the
Author when he guest-starred in 'Northern Exposure.'
"And, naturally," the madman smiled to those monitoring him, as he typed his
insane nonsense onto his computer screen at an increasingly faster rate,
"the reference to SOG in the CBS season premiere had nothing to do with the
son of gomez."

"No, it is all coincidence!" ? the Lunatic rose, with the bottle of "Bubba's
Special Reserve" in his hand, waving it about as he spoke to the secret
watchers, letting his madness take its ground.

"Nor was the TV movie 'CLONED!' part of a Circle of Eunuchs warning about
the secret activities of the underground Nazis portrayed in 'The Boys From
Brazil' which intimated that cloning was possible, and gave details which
were unknown to most scientists until years later.
"No!" he roared at the ceiling and walls. "The name of the company doing the
cloning in the movie, 'Nor'West', mirroring the name of the company the
Author started the same year that 'The Boys From Brazil' was released-the
'Northwest Mountain Madness Company', whose motto was 'If we can do it, it
can't be done…"

"The name of the mother of the dead child being cloned was, Sky…the same as
the name of the dead son of the Author…but it was a coincidence, I tell you,
a coincidence."

"a horde of major armed forces figures suddenly resign or are shifted to
non-sensitive positions-and the world hardly seems to notice."

? the Lunatic quoted from chapter 19 of 'InfoWar,' knowing that the 60
Minutes piece a few days later on the railroading of Air Force Lt. Col.
Rogers and another Air Force intelligence agent named Julie Clemin would
only be recognized by Magic Circle members as bearing the marks of the
persecution of their secret initiates.
No notice, no chance for self-defense, merely relieved of command and
immediately transferred to a remote location with an office in a warehouse
that contained no phone and no way of communicating with the outside world.
A sham court-martial where he was charged with 'conduct unbecoming an
officer,' for allegedly running over a cat with his vehicle, among other
ludicrous charges. Finally convicted for walking on parked cars without
causing any damage to them.

"Yes, we the sheeple," ? the Lunatic shouted, as he sat down at his laptop
and resumed typing nonsense, "the Air Force threw away a career officer with
a million dollars invested in his training, for walking on parked cars.
"Nothing unusual there! Everybody just go back to sleep."

? the Lunatic was beginning to nod out, himself.

He could tell them more…much, much more, but there was really no point in
doing so.

? the Lunatic was tempted to tell the sheeple about Intel, but they would
find out soon enough what the threats of anti-trust action were all about.
Besides, if the sheeple couldn't follow the course of their future by
reading the plain facts surrounding the issues of life and technology that
were posted daily to the CypherPunks list, then it was unlikely they were
capable of following the whispering thread of the Tao.

? the Lunatic hit his return key, knowing the flurry of activity it would
cause in the monitoring room when his watchers discovered that they could
not prevent his missive from going past their firewalls and into the outside
It would be days before their experts, after working night and day in
frenzied effort, would conclude that everything he sent was pure gibberish.

He may be crazy, but he felt the warm glow of the world's finest bourbon
washing over him, and he knew that he, unlike his watchers, was going to
sleep peacefully tonight.

Copyright "Anonymous TruthMonger <[email protected]>"
"I may be crazy, but at least I'm not you."

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