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Re: FCPUNX:EPIC Alert 4.13 on crypto and more

At 03:12 PM 9/26/97 -0700, Declan McCullagh wrote:
> Question to ponder for the weekend: if it took this kind of "compromise"
> for a bill to clear the unabashedly pro-business Commerce committee, what
> will it take for a bill to become law?

Crypto legislation is guaranteed to be bad.  We have been saying that
for years, and now it has been demonstrated.

Just say no to crypto legislation.

> The fate of the SAFE bill is now uncertain.  The original Goodlatte
> language has been substantially amended by five House committees, with
> contradictory results. 

No contradiction:  There are bad amendments and there are really bad
amendments, and there are menacing and totalitarian amendments.

> As such, SAFE may no longer be a viable vehicle
> for the reform of encryption policy that it was originally intended to
> promote.

Let sleeping dogs lie.
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