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Pre-Encryption Surveillance

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Date:         Tue, 30 Sep 1997 15:11:43 -0400
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From: Dwight Hines <[email protected]>
Subject:      Pre-Encryption Surveillance
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Please note that there are now two cases in the Federal Appellate Courts
(Docket #'s 2780, 2293) in the Eleventh Circuit, and one case that will soon
be appealed from the Fed Dist in Tallahassee, Florida (Hines v. American Inn)
that have to do with illegal electronic surveillance of computers, as well as
invasion of privacy.  The Federal Election Commission has been notified as
well as other law enforcement agencies.  The attached file gives more detail
on the Tallahassee Case.  There is another case that will be filed soon in a
different circuit that also includes allegations of obstruction ofjustice and
witness tampering.  The concern with encryption has led some folks with a
criminal bent to avoid the issue altogether.  Others, such as supporters of
the Christian Coalition, feel they can presume police powers that are
restricted just to the state.  It is a major mess.  If you are interested in
becoming an interested party and would like to be included in the certificate
of corporate disclosure and interested parties, please read the attached file
and contact me.
Dwight Hines

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