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Estate Grown Coffee For Less !!!

<P>Dear Online Coffee Drinkers, 

<P>I have the pleasure to introduce you to my online coffee site <A 
HREF="http://www.thebestcoffee.com/">http://www.thebestcoffee.com</A>, where 
you will find the highest quality estate grown coffee for the lowest 
possible price. To ensure quality I only roast grade one green beans from 
the finest estates worldwide.  

<P>I am proud to offer <B><FONT COLOR="RED">Dos Marias</FONT></B>and 
several other estate grown beans for <FONT COLOR="RED">prices you don't see 
in the store</FONT>. <B>You can see more about Dos Marias, the history of 
coffee, and some of my favorite coffee related recipes </B><FONT 
COLOR="RED"></FONT>on my site <A 
you're a coffee drinker or a restaurant owner I can provide you the absolute 
finest in gourmet coffee for less. I am so sure that my coffee is among some 
of the finest in the world, first time buyers receive a 10% discount on 
their order. I know you will be back for more. <P>

<P>Thank You

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