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Cypherpunks Bay Area Meeting, This Satuday September 13th

What:	Cypherpunks September 1997 Bay Area Meeting
When:	Saturday September 13, 12 noon till 5pm
Where:	PGP World Headquarters, 2nd floor meeting room
	Bayview Bank Building, just south of Hwy. 92
	2121 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo California

	Forbes Article background, everyone
	Cypherpunks at HIP'97, Lucky Green, David Del Torto
	Ecash announcement, Jeremey Barrett, BlueMoney Software Corp.
	Linux Onion Router, Jeremey Barrett
	Diffie-Helman Free of Patent, ???
	New FBI Anti-Crypto Bill, how to react, everyone
	Domain name conference report, John Gilmore
	Attacks on US remailers etc., Bill Stewart

	Eat dinner somewhere yet to be decided...

PGP Building Access:

This is an Open Meeting on US Soil and it is free for anyone to attend. 

      There is a minor building security formality due to the facilities
        being in a bank building:  anytime after 12 noon, approach the 
        Bayview Building's Information window (in the plaza, see below for
        directions), and ask the Guard on Duty to let you up to the 
        2nd Floor for the Cypherpunks meeting (use the passphrase 
        "cypherpunks release code"). If you have any difficulty
        (eg. if the guard is on a break), simply call DDT at +1 415
	730 3583 he I'll let you in. 
      You can arrive at any time during the scheduled meeting hours, 
        though earlier is better if you want to hear the interesting stuff.