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Re: Guns: H&K, G3, 7.62 v 5.56 [Guns] (fwd)

At 04:50 PM 1/3/98 -0500, Brian B. Riley wrote:

>  There may be .50-cal bolt actions out there that are one man
>carries, but the Barrett gun is a three man load. The gun is 57 inches
>long and weighs 32.5 pounds, unloaded with no scope. The primary
>mission of the gun is not man sniping, though I am sure it often has
>been and will be used in that role, but its main aim is to long range
>snipe and disable antennae, dishes, equipment, etc using the AP and
>API ammunition.

When I lived in Alaska I knew someone who built such a thing for hunting
bears. I never got to fire it, but it was supposed to have a kick like a
mule. (Even with the shock absorbing stock.)

The hardest part is getting the 50 cal ammo.  (He had his Federal firearms
license and was in the National Guard, so it was not too difficult for
him.) Getting AP and other special ammo would be doubly difficult.
(Non-specialty ammo could be reloaded as long as you could get molds and
primer caps.) 

I guess it depends on your military and/or black market connections.

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