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Re: .50 ammo

At 09:24 PM 1/4/98 -0600, Igor Chudov @ home wrote:
>Alan wrote:
>> At 04:50 PM 1/3/98 -0500, Brian B. Riley wrote:
>> The hardest part is getting the 50 cal ammo.  (He had his Federal firearms
>> license and was in the National Guard, so it was not too difficult for
>> him.) Getting AP and other special ammo would be doubly difficult.
>> (Non-specialty ammo could be reloaded as long as you could get molds and
>> primer caps.) 
>> I guess it depends on your military and/or black market connections.
>I have seen what appeared to be .50 ammo (probably not AP) in gun stores.

I am surprised, but I am sure you are correct.  It has been quite a while
since I have spent time in gun shops.  (My expenditures on ammo is limited
to smaller calibers.  I tend not to look at other things because I cannot
afford what I want.)

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