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Re: cypherpunks and guns

> I don't understand why there is so much talk about guns here lately.
> Unless someone comes up with a weapon that has some very unusual economic
> properties, individuals cannot hope to compete with governments in the
> domain of deadly force. If we have to resort to physical violence, we've

	Tell that to Lincoln, Duke F., Kennedy, &etc. 

	No, we couldn't win thru the overwhelming use of force, but force 
properly applied could at some point prove useful.

> already lost!

	There are some of us who feel that if we "lose", it would be better 
to go down fighting than to live in the kind of world where we can't protect
our privacy with crypto. 
> Think about it: if we can defend ourselves with guns, why would we need
> crypto?

	Different realms. Crypto deals with transient/ephemeral(sp?) things
like bits & words & numbers. 

	Arms work in a more physical world of Rapists, Theives, & Dictators.