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Re: cypherpunks and guns

At 01:10 PM 1/6/98 -0800, Jonathan Wienke wrote:

>InfoWar has always been a critical component of MeatWar.  Knowing who your
>enemy is and where he is at makes it much easier to do something about him.

Yep.  Also, infoWar also includes psychops: propoganda and disinformation.
During WWII, the largest
RF transmitter in the world at the time (a GE 500Kwtt) was used to
dishearten troops, incite civilians,
mislead commanders, etc.  Effectively.  Sometimes it jammed known
broadcasts; sometimes
the PSYCHOPS stations identified themselves correctly, more often they
claimed to be something
they weren't.

When everyone can publish c/overtly, it is harder to control the media; the
trade off is that
consumers have to think to filter.  Not a bad deal.

Orwell was an optimist.

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