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Prodigious Sports Picks

     Hello, wouldn't it feel really great to know exactly who was going to win 
the NBA game between Houston Rockets at Cleveland Cavs and our 
BIG PICK in college basketball game, Kentucky at Georgia.  Well, that is
why Prodigious Picks and Associates is here.  If you have called us this past 
week, we know that you have already won big.  We have picked 15 of the last
19 games by the line, going 6-2 in the NFL playoff games and 9-2  in the last 
eleven bowl games this week.  I will inform you that we decide our picks by
using a consensus system analysis program by taking the picks of the top 
SEVEN best handicappers in the country.  We continue to prove that this
system is the best in the business.  You can't go wrong.  Don't lose your money
trying to pick the games yourself or by even calling some other handicapper 
whose price per call is much more expensive than ours.  Let us do the work and 
you get the MONEY!  So give us a call Monday and we WILL deliver!  

                                                   Only $10 per call   
                                                  Must be 18 or older
P.S.   After you cash in on Tuesday, give us a call Wednesday for more
         basketball action. We will also be having the winning picks for the 
         AFC and NFC championship games after Friday.



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