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Re: Freedom Forum report on the State of the First Amendment

> > You clearly have no comprehension of the principles of the free market 
> > and the rights of businesses and individual to hire and fire whoever the 
> > fuck they like for any reason whatsoever.
> My rights to swing my fists end at your noise.  When ever you interact
> with other peaple your rights are tempered by there rights.  Even Adam
> Smith recognised that its was gorverments dutie to redress the failing of
> the market.

Why there is even discussion on this point on a list whose membership is 
composed mainly of market anarchists is beyond me, the NAP and rights of 
association should clearly define the answer to this question, no 
agression is involved in the act of firing or declining to hire people 
based on their colour/nationality or any other factor whatsoever. 

> Also recall the free market model assumes that the word is full of totaly
> rational pepeale who have full knowige of the market.  Any one who has
> been on this list knows that these peaple are somewhat uncommen.

I don`t see the model that way at all, I don`t claim that my idea of a 
free market works well in practice, I believe it would but I have no 
proof, however, the model is ethically right in that it allows businesses 
and individuals to behave as they please as long as it harms no other 
person, sure, firing you may harm you by decreasing your income but this 
is not an agressive act, it is a passive one: I have declined to offer 
you, or keep you, in employment.

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