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More gun nutz

On Wed, 7 Jan 1998, Brian B. Riley wrote:

> retired ... look just recently at what happened to the Russians troops
> sent to Chechnya ... all these brand spanking new, highly trained
> proud young 19 and 20 year old troops went romping off to fight 'a
> bunch of old men' in the Chechyn Republic ... there was one little
> problem ... a big hunk of those old men had spent two to seven years
> in that same Russian Army fighting the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan ...
> and that 'bunch of old men' kicked their young asses!

That's just the new Russian capitalism. Their military had to create some 
real equipment losses to cover all the missing inventory they're selling 
on the black market.


p.s. - How can I get the DMV to give me "historic" tags for my slightly 
used T-64?

What's the best armored fighting vehicle for a cypherpunk?