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Re: cypherpunks and guns

> > Final comment: If I find the motivation, I may finish an essay I've been
> > working on about how we, the Cypherpunks and the World, are *retrogressing*
> > in crypto areas. Most of the exotic applications are no longer being
> > discussed, and various mundane commercial products are the main focus. Yawn.
>         You mean things like Onion Routers, Crowds & the like?

Tim May doesn't know anything about Onion Routers, Crowds, or any of
the other new privacy technologies like Adam Back's prototype Eternity
service.  In truth, he has lost all interest in cryptography and now spends
his time talking about guns and making racist comments.

He wonders why the cypherpunks list no longer attracts quality
cryptographic ideas.  He need look no farther than the nearest mirror.
His violent rants and his off-topic, offensive posts have done more than
anything to drive good people off the list.

The single best thing that could happen to the cypherpunks list (and the
cypherpunks movement, for that matter) would be for Tim May to leave the
list and disassociate himself from the cypherpunks.  He would be much
more comfortable joining the KKK and the local militia.  After him,
Paul Bradley, William Geiger and Dimitri Vulis can follow.

This will leave fine thinkers with good hearts like Adam Back, Bill
Stewart, Wei Dai and others, people who still believe that cryptography
can make a strong contribution to our freedom.