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Re: Too many "Internet Conferences" in Washington


 Washington, D.C.  - January 6, 1998 - Ira Magaziner, President 
     Clinton's domestic policy development advisor, will outline the U.S. 
     Government position on electronic commerce and reform of the Domain 
     Name System at the Internet Executive Summits in London (on January 
     19, 1998, by video conference link) and Washington (on February 4, 
     1998).  Magaziner has spearheaded the Clinton Administration's
     on electronic commerce and has taken a leading role in the U.S. 
     Government's work on privatization of the Domain Name System.
     Sally Tate, joint managing director of Prince plc, which is 
     facilitating the Summits, said that "Governments around the world
     the private sector to take the lead to reform and manage the
     The Internet Executive Summits will enable business leaders to have 
     direct participation in formulating the private sector initiative to 
     ensure that the solution will fully reflect its requirements."
     A U.S. Inter-Agency Taskforce, set up in April 1997, it is expected
     issue policy recommendations based on responses to a request for 
     comments issued in July 1997 and thousands of pages of emailed 
     recommendations received each week.   Magaziner's team has also had 
     consultations with hundreds of major Internet and telecommunications 
     companies in Washington D.C. in December 1997.
     The open door global Internet Executive Summits in London (January 
     19-20, 1998) and Washington (February 3-4, 1998) will help to set the 
     agenda for transition of the current Internet Domain Name and 
     governance systems.  All delegates will be eligible to participate in 
     the reform committees / initiatives formed at the Summits. 
     Representatives from all Internet stakeholder groups are expected to 
     attend the Summits including: commercial organizations worldwide, 
     national governments and intergovernmental organizations, law firms / 
     corporate legal departments, Internet consumer groups (including the 
     research and education community), technology companies and Internet 
     service providers (ISP's).