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Re: More on Association for Interactive Media conference

Declan McCullagh wrote:
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> From: John Gilmore <[email protected]>
> Note that AIM, the sponsors of the "WashingtonWeb" conference, are the
> folks who appear to be paid stooges for Network Solutions in trying to
> keep their ten million dollar per month monopoly on domain names.
> AIM's coverage of that issue has been completely false and completely
> biased ("The Internet is likely to break apart on October 15, 1997";
> "you may lose all rights to use your trademark in your Internet
> address forever".  See www.interactivehq.org/oic/).

>From the January 5, 1998 issue of Internet Week, page 14:

 "Network Solutions, Inc., which registers domain names
  under an agreement with the National Science Foundation,
  will have the [DNS] agreement extended six months beyond
  its March 1998 conclusion to ensure the stability of the

--David Miller