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More on Association for Interactive Media conference

[This is the conference Tim was criticizing yesterday. --Declan]

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Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 10:49:01 -0800 (PST)
From: Declan McCullagh <[email protected]>
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Subject: FC: More on Association for Interactive Media conference

Netly articles on AIM:


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Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 10:24:20 -0800
From: John Gilmore <[email protected]>
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Subject: Re: FC: Association for Interactive Media conference (DC, 2/98) 

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Note that AIM, the sponsors of the "WashingtonWeb" conference, are the
folks who appear to be paid stooges for Network Solutions in trying to
keep their ten million dollar per month monopoly on domain names.
AIM's coverage of that issue has been completely false and completely
biased ("The Internet is likely to break apart on October 15, 1997";
"you may lose all rights to use your trademark in your Internet
address forever".  See www.interactivehq.org/oic/).

They've been deliberately making false statements to stir up sentiment
against the evolution of domain names away from the Network Solutions

I wouldn't promote or attend their conference.  There's something going
on there that I don't understand -- but I do recognize slime when I see it.

	John Gilmore

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