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Access Over 1 MILLION Resumes!

NOT a job site, NOT a search engine, NOT a career board, NOT a newsgroup
AND we do NOT limit you to a single database!

U S Resume is a true technological leap.  It allows subscribers access the OVER 1 MILLION resumes on the ENTIRE INTERNET (source:  Electronic Recruiting Index, Dec. 1996).  It finds your candidates and also downloads their resumes to your hard drive all automatically, so you can browse them later with NO Internet wait time.  You gain access to the same "virtual robotics" technology used by our Fortune 500 clients, enabling you to spend less time looking for qualified candidates and more time placing them.

Prices start as low as $295 per month, no more than an ordinary job board and less than just one typical help wanted display ad.

Why not have the ENTIRE INTERNET as your own PERSONAL DATABASE?

For additional information please visit us at http://www.usresume.com

If the site doesn't answer all your questions, please don't hesitate to call Dave Weltman or Jeff Eisenberg at 914-627-2600.


P.S If you would like to be added to our DO NOT EMAIL LIST, please reply to this message with the word REMOVE in the Subject of your reply.  When our Robot finds the word REMOVE in the Subject of any message, it will automatically add the senders email address to our DO NOT EMAIL LIST.