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Re: [Humor] Kennedy's New Legislation

David Honig <[email protected]> writes:

>  One of the reasons why all drugs should be legal
> >is that people who should not breed will use the drugs to kill themselves,
> >leaving more room/wealth/resources for their genetic superiors.
> Ah yes, the argument against required motorcycle helmets which looks for
> the increased organ
> harvest for transplants.
> Bogus reasoning.  You are sovereign and can do with yourself as you please.
>  *That* is why substances should be legal and helmets should be optional.
> Pragmatics are irrelevant.  I *do*
> wear seatbelts but it should be my choice, not
> something the state can use violence to enforce.

The above is just one of the reasons why all drugs should be legalized.

As for helmets, seatbelts, et al, consider them in context: most kids
stupid enough to ride a bike wihtout a helmet are already on welfare.
If they get themselves certified brain-damaged (I don't know how the
doctors tell the difference :-) they'll be stealing even more of my money
through taxes. Therefore in the context of taxpayers paying the medical
bills of these parasites, helmets can be required.

> Pardon for the off-topic..

I try to find cryptorelevance in the publishing one's results v. secrecy


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