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Re: [Humor] Kennedy's New Legislation

At 09:17 AM 1/11/98 EST, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:
>David Honig <[email protected]> writes:
>> Bogus reasoning.  You are sovereign and can do with yourself as you please.
>>  *That* is why substances should be legal and helmets should be optional.
>> Pragmatics are irrelevant.  I *do*
>> wear seatbelts but it should be my choice, not
>> something the state can use violence to enforce.
>The above is just one of the reasons why all drugs should be legalized.

Yes, that was the moral one.

>As for helmets, seatbelts, et al, consider them in context: most kids
>stupid enough to ride a bike wihtout a helmet are already on welfare.
>If they get themselves certified brain-damaged (I don't know how the
>doctors tell the difference :-) they'll be stealing even more of my money
>through taxes. Therefore in the context of taxpayers paying the medical
>bills of these parasites, helmets can be required.

There is a shortage of organ donors.  Motorcycle helmet laws cut 
down the supply.  There's your pragmatics, happy now?

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