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Clinton in Texas last Friday (1/9/98, 6 pm CST)


And I want you to see your dreams and your life against a larger landscape
of America's dream and America's life.  We already have one foot in the
21st century, and it's a time that will be very, very different from the
immediate past.  How will it be different? Well, you know and you see and
you feel it here in Texas. 

	First of all, there will be the phenomenon of globalization -
people and products and ideas and information will move rapidly across
national borders - both the borders that touch us like Texas and Mexico,
and the borders that are beyond the oceans that require us to fly or to
communicate in cyberspace.

	Secondly, there is a phenomenal revolution in information and
science and technology.  Not only can children in Houston communicate with
children in Australia on the Internet, or go into libraries in Europe to
do research, but the very mysteries of the human gene are being unraveled
now in ways that offer breathtaking possibilities, to preserve the quality
and the length of human life, to fight back disease, and to bring people
together at a higher level of humanity than we've ever known. That's all
very encouraging.