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Re: plan 9 features (Re: autonomous agents (fwd))

At 4:33 PM -0800 1/13/98, Adam Back wrote:

>Java has a lot going for it as a candidate due to portability and code
>distribution support.  I think the only thing missing from java is the
>bidding and scheduling mechanisms.  Your other forwarded message on
>plan 9 looks interesting also.

I haven't checked on them in the last few months, but "Electric
Communities" (www.communities.com) was doing some interesting work on
adding security and market mechanism extensions to Java, in a superset
language they called "E."

Many Cypherpunk list members, past and present  worked on aspects of this,
including Chip Morningstar (one of the founders), Doug Barnes, Norm Hardy,
Bill Frantz, Mark Miller, etc. They can speak up and say more.

--Tim May

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