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plan 9 features (Re: autonomous agents (fwd))

Jim Choate <[email protected]> writes:
> > Adam Back <[email protected]>
> > > [autonomous agents, markets for CPU time, disk, comms]
> Has anyone done any work that you are aware of under the Plan 9 os?
> With it's fundamental seperation of i/o, process, and file servers
> along with it's inherent bidding/scheduling mechanism it seems to me
> that a lot of this work has already been done. In addition there are
> programs that allow Linux boxes to participate as Plan 9 compliant
> file servers.

Sounds interesting.  I am not familiar with plan 9 besides the
enthusings of a colleague reminiscing about the work done at York
Univ, UK with plan 9.

Java has a lot going for it as a candidate due to portability and code
distribution support.  I think the only thing missing from java is the
bidding and scheduling mechanisms.  Your other forwarded message on
plan 9 looks interesting also.