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Re: Talk of Banning Research into Human Cloning (fwd)

On 14 Jan 1998 15:16:55 -0600, Jim Choate <[email protected]> wrote:

>Actualy, at least according to one episode of that show on TDC that Skully
>form the X-Files hosts, there are several groups who are working on just
>this thing. One female researcher has extended the life of worms (admittedly
>a step or two from humans) by 7 times with no apparent effect. There was a
>piece on CNN late last nite about some researchers discussing this as well.
>Their estimate is that it would be at least 5 years before there would be
>anything available on the open market.
>There is also at least two groups working on growing specific organs. One
>group (the one interviewed on the TDC show) is using plastic forms to grow
>the organs in. They can apparently grow small samples of specific cells and
>are looking at how to organize the growth of more complex structures such as
>a kidney which would include blood-vessels and such.
>I am sorry I don't know the name of the show. If somebody out there does
>please speak up.

The name of the show is "Future Fantastic".  There were 4 episodes, each
covering a different area.

-- Phelix