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Email your AD to 57 MILLION People ONLY $99


  That's right, I have 57 Million  Fresh  email addresses that I will sell for only $99.   These are all fresh addresses that include almost every person on the internet today,  with no duplications.  They are all sorted and ready to be mailed.  That is the best deal anywhere today !  Imagine selling a product for only $5 and getting  only a 1/10% response.   That's  $2,850,000  in your pocket !!! Don't believe it? People are making that kind of money right now by doing the same thing, that is why you get so much email from people selling you their product....it works !  I will even tell you how to mail them with easy to follow step-by-step instruction I include with every order.  These 57 Million email addresses are yours to keep, so you can use them over and over and they come on 1 CD.  I will also include the stealth mailer - this is a full version of the incredibly fast mailing program that hides your email address when you send mail so no one
 will find out where it came from and you won't lose your dial up account. The stealth mailer  is an incredible program and absolutly FREE with your order !  If you are not making at least $50,000 a month, then ORDER NOW. 

ORDER NOW BY FAX:  Simply print out this order form and fax it to us along with  your check made payable to: Future WT  for only $99.  
Our Fax # is:  602 348 2955
We will confirm your order by email and then mail your cd out the same day via priority mail.


Street Address:______________________________



Phone number:__________________________

Tape your check here.  Returned checks are subject to $25 NSF Fee.
                Fax it to   602 348 2955
You can mail a check or money order to:
15560 N. Frank Lloyd Wright  #b-4187
Scottsdale, AZ  85260

If you want to be removed from our mailing list just send a email <a href="[email protected]">here</a>

57 million plus mailing program for only $99