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Re: Forwarding remailer-ops posts

Privacy Admin wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Mark Berry wrote:
> > Just a quick question... Does anyone object to their posts to this list
> > being forwarded (to cypherpunk type lists)?  I will honour any requests not
> I object since it would likely increaes the volume of the mailing list,
> which was designed to be low-volume (IMHO) so that all remailer operators
> would bother to read it. Those operators who do not already read
> cypherpunks may not welcome the increase of flaming, wildly tagentantal
> material and plenty of petty bickering.

  Only an asshole without the brainpower to recognize the importance of
open discussions of Tanya Harding's chances of forging a new career in
the WorldWide Wrestling Federation would also fail to recognize that
differences of opinion over the size of jockey shorts that Chris Lewis
should be required to wear is essential to the future of the IntereNet.
  Privacy Admin (if that is your *real* name...) would be well advised
to consider the astronomical rise in cost of InterNet access that could
result from AOL'ers learning to successfully unsubscribe from mailing
lists, instead of subsidizing the rest of us by paying exhorbitant
fees to send multiple messages saying, "I'm SERIOUS! Unscribvive me 
from this fucking mailing list or I will keep complaining, instead of
buying a clue!"

  If the foregoing doesn't seem to make sense, it's OK, because I
am a list scibviver. (Although I have been unsuccessfully trying
to ubscrivive for the last several months.)