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Re: Forwarding remailer-ops posts

Richard Johnson wrote:
> At 12:33 -0700 on 1/15/98, Mark Berry wrote:
> > Hi to all members of the list
> >
> > Just a quick question... Does anyone object to their posts to this list
> > being forwarded (to cypherpunk type lists)? ...

> I don't really care about my own posts, should I make some.  I worry,
> however, about drawing in the kooks. 

> Richard

  My name isn't Richard, but I'm still a Dick...

  I agree that we should worry about drawing in the kooks who have
little experience in proper construction of an aluminum-foil hat
capable of drowning out the voices that try to twist our minds 
into believing that the purpose of operating a remailer is to
provide a forum for unfettered communication, when Rush Limbaugh
and Chris Lewis recognize that the true purpose of running a
remailer is to block spam and UCE's.

  Even more frightening is the prospect that a US citizen might
go so far as to use a remailer to send a message to the Whitehouse
that men licensed to use guns against the citizens might find
  Those who have never operated a remailer fail to realize that
the main goal of a remailer-operator should not be to provide
a non-discriminatory forwarding service for anonymous users, but
to ensure continued operation by not ruffling the feathers of
upstream providers, and to provide a spam/UCE filtering service
for computer users who have foolishly spent their money 
purchasing email software which does not allow them to quickly
and easily set up their own self-defined email filters.

  It has long been my contention that if a child being molested
by 'Uncle Jim' is too fucking lazy to learn how to use PGP in
order to help remailer operators cut down on spam, then they
deserve every ounce of seminal fluid forced down their throat
by 'Uncle Jim' and the guys who live in the dumpster behind
the Greyhound station and are willing to share their bottle
of Thunderbird with anyone who has access to vulnerable young

  Of course, I'm a pedophile, so I could be a bit biased in
this regard.