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Re: Legality of faxed signatures.

At 10:07 AM 1/16/98 -0800, James A. Donald wrote:
>I believe that there is case law or legislation that a faxed
>signature is worthless if it is bit for bit identical with
>another signature, which of course it usually is these days.
>Can anyone with a spot of legal knowledge give me something
>impressive sounding to scare people who rely on those

In Georgia, the state appeals court declared that faxes are "beeps and
chirps" and therefore not writings.  As a fax is not a writing, it cannot
have a signature.  Therefore the signature cannot be valid.  This was in a
case that involved a required notice to arrive by a certain time.

Traditionally, on a writing anything is a signature including an 'X', spit,
and the words "Mickey Mouse".

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