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eternity economics (Re: (eternity) Eternity as a secure filesystem/backup medium (fwd)

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> Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 21:40:28 GMT
> From: Adam Back <[email protected]>
> Subject: eternity economics (Re: (eternity) Eternity as a secure filesystem/backup medium

> Eternity helps here in that it obscures the poster's identity, and
> reduces their exposure in that they personally don't have to send as
> many messages.  Eternity also helps ensure continued availability, at
> least while somebody is funding that availability.

True enough, the question becomes who does that continued funding help the

> Releasing the data themselves is problematic.  They may not wish to
> accept the risk.  Eternity provides a way to pay someone else to take
> the risks in ensuring availability.

Really? What is the difference? Mallet attacks the server itself who has
only the resources available from the source, which I believe can assume
safely, which is obviously less than the resource set of those who could
actualy act upon or impliment the data under discussion.

> The users is getting value for money from the eternity servers -- the
> eternity server is providing the service of risk taking.

Yes, at bargain basement prices that allow, if not even promote, a daddy
warbucks to walk in and up the ante above what the source can pay.

No, the source payment mechanism does not promote either server honesty
or long term existance of controversial data.

We're going round and round here, as I said earlier the views are
diametricaly opposite. I would suggest we drop this discussion and let us
see what happens over the next few years as it is clear that many people are
working on different implimentations. Let's let the market decide which
works best.

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