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Re: British Ministers Adopt Unbreakable Crypto

At 7:53 PM -0800 1/19/98, Lucky Green wrote:

>This reminds me of a conversation I had at a recent biometrics exhibition.
>One company exhibited hand shape scanners, such as those installed at San
>Francisco International Airport to control access to "sensitive" parts of
>the airport. [Do not pass security, go straight the "clean" area].
>I asked the exhibitor if the scanner would grant access to a hand not
>attached to the body. At first, the exhibitor paled and replied that if a
>severed hand was part of my thread model (not using these terms), then my
>"facility had larger problems than could be solved by access control". The
>booth staff, visibly shaken by my insinuation that there are people that
>might severe somebody's had to gain access to an environment, kept
>following me with their eyes as I walked away from the exhibit.
>Seems these amateurs hadn't considered that somebody getting ready to blow
>up an airplane with 250 passengers on board just might have relatively few
>qualms about detaching the hand of one Filipino airport janitor on his way
>to work.

Well, the droids they hire to man their booths are Happy People.

No wonder they missed the point of Oklahoma City.

>To their credit, the EyeDentify booth staff (the world's sole manufacturer
>of retinal scanners), knew what they were doing. Their system checks for
>blood flow, etc. A removed eye or a cadaver won't do. Now there is a
>company that understands security.

Biometric on removed eyeballs was old hat in "Thunderball," as I was
approaching adulthood. That the Disneyfied world fails to understand
realitities is hardly surprising.

--Tim May

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