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Re: Latest smartcard software

   >   From [email protected] Wed Jan 21 03:38:35 1998
   >   The Independent Smartcard Developer Association, the only non-vendor
   >   controlled smartcard related industry organization, announces their latest
   >   release of SIO/STEST.
   >   SIO/STEST is a developer toolkit that provides drivers for most popular
   >   smartcard readers as well as card support for a wide range of crypto
   >   capable smartcards. SIO/STEST provides the tools required by the
   >   application programmer to integrate smartcards with their application.
   >   As always, your feedback is appreciated.

Is this for a "cypherpunks" smartcard, or for hacking them?

Smartcards tend to be transponders, and to want to gobble up
all other cards...bad card, bad card.

Excerpt from the Cryptography Manifesto enclosed.

Consider it an NSA proposal to issue everyone a Universal Biometrics Card.
Everyone in the world.
#   By John Walker -- [email protected], Revision 8 -- February 28th, 1994
#   Operationally, the Universal Biometrics Card serves as the cardholder's
#   identification   for   all   forms   of   transactions    and
#   interactions.    It  can  potentially  replace  all  the
#   following forms of identification and credentials:
#           Passport and visas
#           House and car keys
#           Driver's license and automobile registration(s)
#           Employee ID card
#           Bank credit, debit, and automatic teller cards
#           Health insurance card
#           Medical history/blood type/organ donor cards
#           Automobile insurance card
#           Telephone credit card(s)
#           Membership card for clubs, museums, etc.
#           Frequent flyer club card(s) and flight coupons
#           Car rental discount card(s)
#           Train, bus, airplane, toll road and bridge tickets
#           Airline flight boarding pass
#           Train and bus pass and subscription card
#           WHO immunisation certificate
#           Personal telephone directory
#           Personal telephone number
#           Passwords for access to computers, data services, and networks
#           Software subscription access keys
#           Cable and satellite TV subscriptions
#           Cellular phone and personal digital assistant personal ID
#           Encryption keys for secure electronic mail, phone, and FAX
#           Electronic signature key
#           Cash
#   Of course, use of the Universal Biometrics
#   Card will start out as voluntary...
They'll say hey, you've already surrendered your biometric number
during fingerprinting for driver's licenses.
It will be too late.
The high-tech American Leviathan will be in place.