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Re: Latest smartcard software

guy wrote:
>   >   From [email protected] Wed Jan 21 03:38:35 1998
>   >
>   >   The Independent Smartcard Developer Association, the only non-vendor
>   >   controlled smartcard related industry organization, announces their
>   >   release of SIO/STEST.
>   >
>   >   SIO/STEST is a developer toolkit that provides drivers for most popular
>   >   smartcard readers as well as card support for a wide range of crypto
>   >   capable smartcards. SIO/STEST provides the tools required by the
>   >   application programmer to integrate smartcards with their application.
>   >
>   >   As always, your feedback is appreciated.
>Is this for a "cypherpunks" smartcard, or for hacking them?
>Smartcards tend to be transponders, and to want to gobble up
>all other cards...bad card, bad card.
[ Excerpt from the Cryptography Manifesto snipped ]

>They'll say hey, you've already surrendered your biometric number
>during fingerprinting for driver's licenses.
>It will be too late.
>The high-tech American Leviathan will be in place.
All the more reason to distribute information on how
to read from and write to the cards.

-- Marshall

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