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Re: Misty???

At 7:54 AM -0800 1/22/98, Adam Shostack wrote:
>Tim May wrote:
>| At 9:08 PM -0800 1/21/98, William H. Geiger III wrote:
>| >Any opinions on it?? My only exposure has be through the pidgon-english
>| >posts of Nobuki Nakatuji (if it looks like a duck, it smells like a duck,
>| >it quacks like a duck ....).
>| I wouldn't call Misty "snake oil." But it's also been thoroughly taken
>| apart and shown to be weak. Importantly, it was submitted by Mitsubishi for
>| peer review.
>Could you provide a pointer to the analysis paper?

No, as I was thinking of FEAL when I wrote about MISTY.

Sorry for any confusion.

--Tim May

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