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Re: Misty???

At 7:00 AM -0800 1/23/98, Adam Shostack wrote:
>Ryan Anderson wrote:
>| > Someone on the OpenPGP list was asking for an asignment for an algorithm
>| > id in the OpenPGP RFC for Misty1 (from Japan whoda thought <g>). I made my
>| > post about snake-oil and got chastised by [email protected] as he seems to think
>| > it's a respectable algorithm:
>| Well, he said that he wasn't aware of any serious cryptanalysis,
>| specifically on this list.  In all honesty, that's a fully truthful
>| statement.  Tim May has conveniently confirmed that there *has* been some
>| real cryptanalysis on it, confirming that it's not a good algorithm, but
>| it's not snake-oil.  (If it get's submitted for peer review, can you
>| really call it that?)
>Tim has admitted that he made a mistake.  I'll offer $25 to the first
>person who sends me a URL or paper reference to something published by
>Jan 1, 1998 offering an interesting cryptanlysis of Misty, because I'm
>tired of seeing people pick on it because of Nobuki's poor English.

Yes, I was thinking of FEAL. And even FEAL was not "snake oil," in that the
inventors of it were not trying to use deception to promote it. (I consider
this to be part of what "snake oil" is.)

My comments to Nobuki-san are lighthearted jokes about his "You send me
money, I send you Misty" repeated nonsense. I doubt the guy is even
actually Japanese, for various reasons.

--Tim May

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