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Re: Revenge on the Nerds -Maureen on a rampage

[email protected] writes:

> >Jack Aaron's, the commodities division of Goldman Sachs, controls inter alia
> >like 99% of US coffee supply.  if you try to circumvent their monopoly,
> >by trying to import a material amount of coffee, whether it's the cheap shit
> >for proles or the high-end caffeine fix from Kenya, you and your suppliers
> >just might find yourself in a lot more trouble that the computer manusfactur
> >who were reluctant to put the free mickeysoft browser on their dekstop.
> >Why doesn't DOJ come down on Goldman Sachs?  Does it have anything to do wit
> >the fact that a Goldman Sachs partner is in Clinton's cabinet?
> Yow - talk about threats to the Computer Industry - Controlling our
> Coffee Supply can affect the productivity of the Entire Country!
> These Monopolists are  after our precious bodily fluids!

Purity Of Essence[tm]

> BTW, if you've ever been to Sacramento, CA, that hive of villiany
> and stupidity, there's apparently a law or custom which says that
> nobody may make or sell any coffee strong enough to wake up a
> government bureaucrat...

The heathen custom of percolating coffee leads to mental degeneracy
and sexual perversion.  When the water passing through the grinds is
not boiling, many essential chemicals remain in the grinds.  The
only civilized way to make coffee is to boil the grinds in the water
for a few minutes.  Try it, you'll discover that it tastes completely
differently from the percolated swill.


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