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Re: Document destruction services (fwd)

At 9:40 AM -0800 1/24/98, Igor Chudov @ home wrote:

>Jim, try it. I am sure that adding alcohol will not help much, but will
>make it a fire hazard.
>Can one buy concentrated sulfuric acid in this country without being
>stormed by jackbooted thugs? I think that I'll need a couple of gallons.
>To that I'll need about teh same amount of chalk-like material to
>neutralize it after the deed is done.
>	- Igor.

Come on, Igor, just go out and make a bonfire. I can't see why this is
turning into a major thread, "How Igor can burn a box of documents."

As for buying H2SO4, of _course_ one can buy it! But it's a really dumb way
to destroy some papers.

Just burn them. I don't get what the problem is.

(And don't repeat that they are "hard to burn." Unless they are made of
some other than paper, which is doubtful, they will burn.)

--Tim May

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