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Disney.com Registration Notification

Dear Parent --
We at Disney.com wanted to let you know that a guest has registered 
at our Web site as your child.  We welcome guests of all ages, and 
it is our policy to let parents and guardians know when children 
under 16 send us personal information. 
This message is only a confirmation -- it does not require a reply 
if you grant your child permission to be registered at Disney.com.  
If you'd like to cancel that Registration, please see the 
instructions below. 
Here's what we received when your child registered:
     Your child's first name:              cypherpunks
     Your child's last name:               cypherpunks
     Child's e-mail address:               [email protected]
     Parent's e-mail address:              [email protected]
     Your child's year of birth:           1990
     Child's Disney.com Registration Name: cypherpunks
You might want to ask what your child's Password is and make a note 
of it.  If you or your child lose or forget the Disney.com 
Registration Name and/or Password, you can retrieve them using the 
special, easy-to-remember "code word" your child also selected 
upon registering.  If your child wins prizes at Disney.com, you will 
receive them on his or her behalf.  
If you'd like to cancel your child's Disney.com Registration, please
follow these simple steps:
1. Click the "Reply" button on your e-mail application.
2. Make sure your reply contains the text of this message (including
   your child's name, e-mail address, and Registration Name).
3. Type "Unsubscribe my child" in the "Subject" area at the top of 
   your message, and send the message back to us.  That's it!
We welcome you and your child to Disney.com, the best place to find 
out what's new from Disney!
        -- Your friends at Disney.com
(c) Disney