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attila & maureen on Bubba

            <title> Attila &amp; Maureen on Clinton </title>
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      <center><font size=5 color=700000><b>
          Clinton's Achilles' Heel
          well, this may finally do it for Clinton.  if he was not so
          stupid, he would pack out of white house in the middle of
          the night, pick up his ill-gotten gains from Switzerland, or
          wherever he has them stashed, and disappear into the night
          --but, no, he might be forced to settle for Hillary-- which
          would be revenge served up cold --they deserve each other. <p>
          if the Asian crisis was not in full rage, and the US market
          shaky with worry, we could afford to dump Clinton in the
          dumpster --unfortunately, the spectacle of an American President
          actually being successfully impeached will probably blow the
          American and European markets right out of the water --and
          the American economy with it --that just might be Clinton's
          lasting legacy. he may deserve that footnote in history, but 
          the rest of us certainly do not. <p>
          the NWO powers behind our "throne" may have needed a patsy
          after their main man became unelectable, but they certainly
          could have done better than bubba. you'd think they, or even
          the Democratic power bosses who were against him in the 
          primaries would have done more evaluation of his bimbo
          patrol mentality before they committed. <p>
          even I was a little skeptical of the "allegations" in
          the book "Primary Colors" (particularly to the Hillary 
          affair) and I have been more than a little skeptical of
          the revelations of the "slave" courier/purveyors who have
          surfaced, but there may be more fire than smoke. it was
          certainly understandable why Joe Kline wrote the book as
          "Anonymous" --he must have been a cypherpunk-- or at least
          he should also have been using our anonymous remailers and
          nontracable digital cash. <p>
          God save us from Al Bore.  he needed to have a Spiro Agnew
          in his future, but Janet Reno saved his skin.  he is a
          decent sort, but I just can not handle the left-leaning
          socialist son-of-a-bitch with his sanctimonious looks --he
          needs a circuit riding preacher's floppy hat and a mule-- 
          even if he did go to Harvard. <p>
          on the other hand, if Al Bore goes down, and they can not
          agree on a vice-president before Clinton either bales or is
          smoked out, we would have Newt --that might have been
          acceptable, except I think Newt either sold out or has been
          intimidated. <p>

                <b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="mailto:[email protected]">
            attila out for the count.... 
      January 25, 1998 <br>
      NYTimes OpEd Columnist <br>
      Not Suitable for Children </b><p>
      WASHINGTON -- There have been so many people rushing
      to TV studios in this giddy and cataclysmic week to
      talk about sex that networks are bringing makeup
      artists out of retirement. <p>
      The palaver about whether a 21-year-old White House
      intern had a particular kind of sex with the President
      has gotten so graphic that CNN's "Inside Politics"
      Friday featured a warning that the segment might not
      be suitable for young viewers. <p>
      Let's review what we've learned so far. <p>
      The President a liar?  <i> Knew that. </i><p>
      The President a philanderer?  <i> Knew that. </i><p>
      The President reckless in the satisfaction of his
      appetites?  <i> Knew that. </i><p>
      The President would say anything and hurt anybody to
      get out of a mess?  <i> Knew that. </i><p>
      Married men cheat?  <i> Knew that. </i><p>
      Married men cheat with young women?  <i> Knew that. </i><p>
      Married men who cheat with young women lie about it?
      <i> Knew that. </i><p>
      Hillary isn't throwing Bill's stuff out on the White
      House lawn because she is as committed to their
      repugnant arrangement as he is?  <i> Knew that. </i><p>
      The Clinton team -- those great feminists -- devising
      ways to discredit women who come forward with reports
      of Clinton peccadilloes?  <i> Knew that. </i><p>
      The President and his minions dissembling and
      splitting hairs and playing semantic games and taking
      forever to find the documents until our attention
      wanders?  <i> Knew that. </i><p>
      The President has the moxie to pick out a dress for a
      woman?  <i> Didn't know that. </i><p>
      In the delirium of the scandal, something remarkable
      occurred.  The President reportedly admitted, in a
      deposition to Paula Jones's lawyers, that, oh, yeah,
      by the way, he did have that affair with Gennifer
      Flowers, which he so adamantly denied during the '92
      campaign. <p>
      I still remember James Carville ranting at reporters
      for being low enough to pay any mind to her, calling
      it cash for trash. <p>
      How can he go back on TV and defend Mr. Clinton in
      another sex scandal by once more trying to throw doubt
      on another damning tape? <p>
      At least Mr. Carville looked sheepish.  Mr. Clinton's 
      famous rapid-response team seems to have bimbo-battle 
      fatigue. <p>
      The tapes of Monica Lewinsky, now 24, seem believable,
      not least because we heard it all before with Gennifer
      Flowers.  Helping to get her a new job, telling her to
      say nothing went on if anyone asked.  "Deny it," Mr.
      Clinton told Ms. Flowers on tape.  "That's all.  I
      mean, I expect them to come look into it and interview
      you and everything.  But I just think if everybody's
      on record denying it, you've got no problem."  The
      whole modus operandi is right there. <p>
      Also, why did Vernon Jordan become a patron to a lowly
      Pentagon assistant if she was nothing special to the
      President? <p>
      The reality that looms before the American people is
      not the impeachment of this President.  It is the
      annulment of this President.  He has finally
      determined his own place in history.  He will be
      remembered as the priapic President.  The Oval Office
      appears to be the bachelor pad of a married man who is
      the Commander in Chief.  Like all addicts, this one is
      surrounded by enablers. <p>
      Many Americans had accepted Mr. Clinton as a charming
      rogue.  But the portrait that may be pieced together
      from the confessions of his willing and unwilling
      women now looks utterly uncharming.  Ms. Lewinsky's
      nickname for him -- "the big creep" -- could stick. <p>
      The Clinton doctrine may turn out to be nothing more
      than a view of the relationship of oral sex -- or Oval
      sex -- to adultery.  CNN's Judy Woodruff reported that
      religious scholars could find no biblical basis for
      Mr. Clinton's purported claim to an Arkansas trooper
      that the Bible says oral sex is not cheating. <p>
      Ted Koppel actually began "Nightline" Thursday with
      the following sentence:  "It may . . . ultimately come
      down to the question of whether oral sex does or does
      not constitute adultery." <p>
      Well, it sure isn't fidelity. <p>
      When Mr. Clinton says now that he can't answer
      questions about sex, lies and tapes because he must
      hurry back to governance, people will want him to
      hurry back to self-governance instead. <p>

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