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Re: Clinton needs a war with Iraq

>     since the Korean war, American involvement in foreign wars,
>     or the war effort, has escalated in relationship to the
>     needs of the economy --the war effort boosts industrial
>     utilization --eg money and the economy-- and Americans vote
>     with their pocketbooks.

	World War II. 

>     I frankly dont believe you made that suggestion --the damage
>     would not be to the government, but to our fellow citizens
>     who have been ordered to commence action. I did not agree

	Not if used properly. It could properly be used to _delay_
engagement, or even avoid it.

	Besides, they (and I was one at one time) volunteered. Most every
one in the military now has had the chance to leave since Cliton took office.
Their continued enlistment is support.

>     regardless of the immorality and stupidity of Clinton, there
>     is no justification, and certainly no honour, for permitting
>     KIA American troops to be dumped into the spectacle of being
>     dragged through the streets of Somalia, etc.

	If those with the power were to make sure that they never got there,
then they couldn't be dragged thru the streets now could they?