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Re: Clinton needs a war with Iraq


on or about 980124:1306, in <[email protected][]>, 
    Tim May <[email protected]> was purported to have 
    expostulated to perpetuate an opinion:

>There are increasing reports, from Washington and Baghdad, that Clinton
>wants a nice little war action in Iraq, which would have the side effect
>of boosting his support...or so he hopes.

    since the Korean war, American involvement in foreign wars, 
    or the war effort, has escalated in relationship to the 
    needs of the economy --the war effort boosts industrial
    utilization --eg money and the economy-- and Americans vote 
    with their pocketbooks.
    Clinton just might be dumb enough to consider a war footing
    would take the collective minds off his incredible stupidity
    --the man is literally being led around by his crank; bubba 
    must have heard too many stories about hairy palms...
    as Maureen said in the Times, most Americans had accepted 
    that Clinton was a charming rogue --but this last round is
    exposing the callous disregard for not only women, but truth
    and respect for privilege-- that is the end of confidence, 
    and like any relationship, the loss of confidence is 
    the concern should be for the troops who could be left 
    standing in the desert whistling Dixie...  Bush was able to 
    rally support from foreign powers, which led to domestic
    support, primarily due to his good report and respect from
    foreign leaders --bubba is a laughing stock; who will follow
    his flag.
    if the tapes are even close to real, Clinton needs to take 
    helicopter one to Andrews and fade into history --NOW. the 
    thought of Al Bore in the Presidency is appalling --but it 
    certainly can not be any worse than bubba. al bore will be 
    intractable with the Republican Congress, but so what else 
    is new? --at least they can not create bad law!

>If this happens, it may be time for hackers to use technical means to
>disrupt the war effort.

    I frankly dont believe you made that suggestion --the damage
    would not be to the government, but to our fellow citizens
    who have been ordered to commence action. I did not agree 
    with what I was orderer to do, but I did not place the lives
    of my dependent troops in danger for my beliefs --I resigned
    the commission eventually and have been a foe of their 
    dishonest foreign policy ever since.
    regardless of the immorality and stupidity of Clinton, there
    is no justification, and certainly no honour, for permitting
    KIA American troops to be dumped into the spectacle of being
    dragged through the streets of Somalia, etc.

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