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Re: State of the Union Address

Get a Chemisty 101/2 book. You must have been in the bone head chemistry

On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Anonymous wrote:

> >I guess those high school students aren't the only ones with no clear
> >idea of the way the world works.  While salt water does not ordinarily
> >explode, in this case salt water is the ultimate product -- but massive
> >heat released when acids and bases join and recombine to produce salts
> >(in this case table salt) and water.
> Interesting thread. While we're on the topic of chemistry and heat:
> Does anyone happen to know how to figure the energy requirements or yields
> for a reaction? My college chemistry book doesn't say a whole lot about it.
> In fact it doesn't say enough to actually be useful at all; it gives
> energies for four or five different bonds in a table and then launches into
> a really bad explanation of how to calculate this. 
> If I have to use a table of bond energies is there one available online? Or
> is there a simpler way to just calculate the bloody things?
> I really ought to take more chemistry courses before I get my diploma. Or at
> the very least audit them.

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