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Re: RIP, Carl Gorman, Code Talker

At 10:29 AM -0800 1/31/98, Tim May wrote:
>But what mattered is that, for the level of security needed on the
>battlefield, the system was "essentially secure" against Japanese
>translation. Sure, in time the Japanese could have found some experts on
>Navajo, could have trained their own code talker translators, etc. But they
>didn't have this time. (And if we posit "enough time," then the U.S.
>military would have had enough time to drop the Navajo code talkers and
>replace them with Ebonics code talkers. Dat be da jive, mo fo.)

When I was in China, I noted that French accented English was "essentially
secure" against understanding by our Chinese hosts.  We Americans did a lot
of English to English translation on that trip.

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