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StockAlert News: UNFC expects increase of $50M in assets

 Company expects to acquire $50 million in assets by mid-1998</B>
DALLAS --<FONT  COLOR="#0080ff" SIZE=3><B> </B><A HREF="www.remington-hall.com">Remington-Hall Capital Corporation</A><B> <FONT  COLOR="#0080ff" SIZE=3></B> </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3>(Nasdaq:<FONT  COLOR="#0080ff" SIZE=3><B> </B><A HREF="http://quote.yahoo.com/q?s=UNFC&d=t">UNFC</A><B> </B>), a diversified real estate investment firm formerly known as Universal Fuels Company, is quietly acquiring over $50 million in previously undervalued, undercapitalized or mismanaged commercial properties and
 making this new major player<FONT  COLOR="#0080ff" SIZE=3><B> </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3></B>one of the best moderate-risk real estate investments in 1998.  
Founded in 1975 as Universal Fuels, the company provided uranium to the world as an alternative fuel, but as uranium became less used as a nuclear fuel source than other more economical and useful materials, Universal Fuels' stock declined almost to extinction over several years.  Less than a year ago the stock price was less than 1.
Four months ago officials from Camden-Townwest, a privately held real estate investment firm, approached Universal Fuels former management about converting Universal Fuels into a publicly traded real estate conglomerate.  Camden-Townwest, founded in 1994, grew from $19,000 in cash to $3 million in assets in three years without seeking any outside capital.  Since the change in management and corporate mission last October, <FONT  COLOR="#0080ff" SIZE=3><B> </B><A HREF="http://quote.yahoo.com/q?s=UNFC&d=t">U
NFC</A><B> <FONT  COLOR="#0080ff" SIZE=3></B> </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3>has seen its stock value increase by over 800%.   
<A HREF="http://quote.yahoo.com/q?s=UNFC&d=t"> </A><A HREF="www.remington-hall.com">Remington-Hall</A><B>  </B>is now making its move to increase assets at a tremendous rate.  By mid-year management expects to acquire in excess of $50 Million in office buildings and multi-family properties at a significant discount to their market value. "We have been referred to as 'Cat Burglars of Real Estate'," said Douglas Fonteno, president & chief executive officer.   "And that's a title we hope to keep."
<A HREF="[email protected]">Douglas T Fonteno</A>, previously Chairman of Camden-Townwest and formerly with Merrill Lynch, is Remington-Hall's new President & Chief Executive Officer.<B>  </B><A HREF="Whyde-remington-hall.com"> </A><A HREF="[email protected]">Larry Hood</A><B> <FONT  COLOR="#ffffff" SIZE=3>,</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3></B>formerly Chief Operating Officer of Pizza Inn and Chief Financial Officer of Reliance Mortgage Company, is Remington-Hall's Chief Financial Offi
cer, giving the new company immediate and substantial financial integrity.  <A HREF="[email protected]">Wade Hyde</A>, previously public relations and investor relations executive for Blockbuster Video and FoxMeyer Corporation, is Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations. 
Currently <A HREF="www.remington-hall.com">Remington-Hall</A><FONT  COLOR="#0080ff" SIZE=3><B> </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3></B>is seeking to be listed on the Pacific Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq National Market.  The company anticipates announcing over $10 million in newly acquired assets by the end of January.
<B>Name:</B>		     <A HREF="www.remington-hall.com">Remington-Hall Capital Corporation</A><B> </B>( formerly Universal Fuels)
<B>Symbol:</B>	     Nasdaq:<FONT  COLOR="#0080ff" SIZE=3><B> </B><A HREF="http://quote.yahoo.com/q?s=UNFC&d=t">UNFC</A><B> </B>
<B>Mission:</B>	     To aggressively acquire steeply undervalued real estate properties
                       due to previous mismanagement or undercapitalization.   
<B>Management: </B>Senior executives with diverse experiences, including: 
                       Fortune 500 corporations, leading stock brokerage firms, 
                       real estate companies and national marketing.  
<B>Goals:</B>	           To increase assets to $10M by January 98 and $50M by mid-year  
<B>Address:</B>	     1401 Elm St., Ste. 1818, Dallas, TX  75202-2925
<B>Phone:</B>	           (214) 749-4600
<B>FAX:	</B>	     (214) 749-4608
<B>Internet:</B>	    <A HREF="www.remington-hall.com"> </A><A HREF="www.remington-hall.com">www.remington-hall.com</A><B> </B> <FONT  COLOR="#0080ff" SIZE=3><B>
</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3>E-Mail:</B>	         <B> [email protected]    <FONT  COLOR="#ffffff" SIZE=3>ll.com</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=3></B>
</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3><B>Quote             </B><A HREF="http://quote.yahoo.com/q?s=UNFC&d=t">Yahoo! Remington-Hall</A><B> </B> <A HREF="www.remington-hall.com">
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