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RE: importance of motivation

'Twould be nice if rationality waned for a generation or
many, give us time to recover from being overdosed with
it since the ahem Renaissance, and suffering the damage of 
Renaissance Persons with pseudo-mastery of more than 
they know how to handle except to blow the shit out of a 
world they cannot truly comprehend except as a clueless
wad defying self-annointe High IQers.

De Toqueville adored patronizing the "American People" of
his time what they were good and bad at (one of the earliest 
promoters of AADD). And every Sheeplemongering weenie 
who lusts to be Somebody whips out the bullfrog's constitutional
and citers it as wisdom for the masses needing superior 
guidance -- that is from-the-mount sermonizing from the 
wannabe mighty-mites who really just want to avoid hard labor, 
an agenda the masses don't get advised to abide.

What's inspiring about misbehavior, for whatever cause,
is that it drives the Reasonable People, those who know
so little they need armoring with tin-thin rationality, into a 
panic of recognition of the alluring siren call to chuck 
overcontrol and enjoy getting under the thinskin of the 
hypo-rougers of a reality ever shedding its skin for new 

Up ADD, hurrah for hyperrationality, the way past
certain knowledge and comforting wisdom of the
way things are not, never were, never will be.

Medevial superstition, plague, sloth and licentiousness, 
now there's a cheap Ritalin for science and economy and 
law and decency all too reasonable, all too nearly 
inescapable, all too non-fictional to be believed.