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Dial 1-800-SPY TECH

I was surfing the web, looked at http://www.spaceinvestor.com/, when I noticed an article with the
above title, referring to this company:

Applied Signal Technology (APSG)
Spy vs Spy gadgetry for the 21st Century. This company is the quality producer of surveillance
equipment and is on track for consistent revenue gains of 15 - 20%...
(also see Quarterly Earnings Report)

Copied below are a couple of paragraphs about the company:

In actuality the new Spy is a technological marvel of electronic hardware, computers, and software,
that manifests into the latest high tech signal reconnaissance equipment. And the best of these new
Techno-Bonds that process, evaluate, and store wireless telecommunications signals are produced by a
small Silicon Valley company called Applied Signal Technology.

Applied Signal Technology, stock ticker symbol: APSG, is a leader in the growing niche market of
signal reconnaissance. Applied Signal Technology designs equipment to collect and process foreign
telecommunication signals. The company's products include equipment that scans cellular-telephone,
microwave, ship-to-shore, and military-radio-frequency transmissions; computer-based processing
equipment then evaluates collected signals and selects those likely to contain relevant information.
Over 95% of the company's revenue is derived from purchases by United States government agencies
under contracts.
Investors should consider adding APSG to their long term portfolio. It has positive characteristics
of a stock ready to surge higher. Hopefully an APSG stock price increase will become the sequel to
"The Spy who loved me".